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Has anyone experienced retaliation with iplum for writing a bad review? Has anyone experienced bad customer service with iplum?

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They overcharged me and refused to credit or refund it. There is no way to reach them other than email. They have disconnected my business #’s out of pure retaliation.

They commented on a review I posted and LIED accusing me of racketeering with “buddies” and getting online products and demanding “credits” they did this after I posted bad reviews and closed my account. This is absolutely not true . I got 1 call to my business number hence why I DOWNGRADED THE PLAN but they still overcharged me . I’ve never in my life dealt with a company like this.

They delete social media reviews and hide them. Go look for yourself. It will say 1,2, or 3 comments and you see nothing or their unprofessional response. They picked the WRONG customer to do this to because I have time.

I will post on EVERY FORUM ABOUT MY BAD EXPERIENCE. I’ve contacted attorneys and media.

iPlum - Bad service. Shut down my business #'s in retaliation for bad reviews of them

Not resolved
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I must share my horrible experience with a company called Iplum supposedly located in Silicone Valley, CA . They have a mobile app that acts as a 2nd number/ phone line for businesses. I have told this story so many times online, Better Busies Bureau and every site that i can.

I have had service with Iplum since about July 2018. There is never a phone number to reach anyone , the only contact is support@iplum.com.

Recently, i wanted to create a 2nd toll free number and downgrade the one that i had. I mentioned this in email exchanges with the company and I logged in to iplum and made the selection to downgrade the plan before the bill renewed. I was given a message that said " Your new plan will be charged when your bill renews on 11/12/2018" which was a few days away. I screenshotted this and selected submit. On 11/12/2018 I was charged 19.99 ( previous plan) instead of 8.99 ( current plan). I emailed this company and their initial response was " Everything is systematic so if you were charged for that plan then you would have to wait until next month" . Insinuating that this was my fault. I sent the screenshots and i mentioned that clearly in email exchanges i wanted to change the plan as it was hardly any usage on that number other than when i tested it when i got a new, separate toll free number with them.

They refused to refund or even credit my account on the upcoming month and even told me that if I dint like what they do that I'm not locked in a contract. AT that point they basically said kick rocks and we don't want your business or care to fix this.

I advised the company that I am not happy and I will have my bank handle this and I will be porting my number as well as writing bad reviews regarding my experience with Iplum. After i wrote a review on facebook, they begin emailing me saying, "Customers like you waste your time", "Customers like you want free stuff", even stating "We will find what you do and you will suffer the consequences". That's a clear threat. They continued to email me and I continued to tell them I would not be threatened to stop reviews and I will continue and create a blog to warn others.

They went under an online complaint I posted and LIED and stated that the bad review is because they cancelled my account due to racketeering with my buddies (they refered to me as a "he" an I'm a female. They also said I was a blogger and going to post reviews and that I'm a internet scammer.

Internet scammer , blogger and racketeering doesn't even make sense. The only truth is that I stated i was a blogger. They have cancelled BOTH my business toll free numbers in RETALIATION. They have somehow came up with the idea to accuse me of fraud or racketeering with NO evidence. I barely get calls at all. THEY HAVE NO grounds.

This is so sad that a company would rather retaliate on bad reviews than give good service. They hide Facebook reviews, they have no google review page, they disable comments on Youtube, but you can tell from the down votes that people are not happy. They are always defensive and combative on the reply that i see ,.

This is so wrong on many levels.

NO CUSTOMER SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS WITH A COMPANY. Reviews are there for a reason and if you want good reviews you give good service. Not only was I overcharged and iplum would not rectify this, they cut 2 of my business lines in clear retaliation. I had 1 of those numbers ported over to them. This is sad, but I wont be shut up and I will seek legal action .

Product or Service Mentioned: Iplum Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Poor service, Lying in retaliation, closing my business accounts.

Monetary Loss: $34.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: No method to contact other than email, I was sent threatening emails, Lied in a response to a review saying im racketeering, Turned off both my business lines in retaliation, Overcharged me and wouldnt credit or refund.

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